Hotels and Christmas: 3 successful social media ideas

Christmas Hotel Social Media Post Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, hotels are bound to step up their social media game. Or at least, that’s what I hope. Because Christmas is the perfect time of the year to engage your guests. They are in a good mood and ready to gift you with likes and comments (if they get something in return). So what are different hotels around the world doing on social media this Christmas?

Facebook Video – Room Mate Hotels

First up, Room Mate Hotels. This Spanish boutique hotel chain is well known for its design and innovative style. With more and more hotels opening up around the world, you’d expect them so be very active on social media. With over 20k of followers on Instagram, they’re doing quite a good job. So what did they put out now for Christmas?

Every day we host friends from all over the world, but these days, we’re expecting a visit that makes us so excited ?? Christmas has arrived at Room Mate Hotels ??! Check it out ?

And that’s that. To me this seems unfinished. Okay, so Christmas has arrived at Room Mate Hotels. But what does that mean? What’s next? Christmas gifts for all guests? I guess a follow-up on this one is necessary to understand the idea. If there’ll be a follow up where we see how Room Mate Hotels surprises its guests, that’d be cool. But right now, the video doesn’t make too much sense. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to share it, I don’t want to comment, I don’t want to tag. There’s no call to action, nor a funny statement.


  • Make sure the message is clear
  • Add a call-to-action to your message
  • Be clear about if there’ll be a follow-up or if your message is part of a sequence

Advent Calendar – nhow Berlin & Rotterdam

I was hoping for this and therefore very happy to see nhow picked up the advent calendar idea. Christmas is an incredible time to get your customers engaged for a longer period: count down together to the 24th and surprise your fans everyday with a little or big gift. This truly is a perfect idea for any hotel. If you have multiple locations, do the same as nhow did. They made Berlin & Rotterdam team up: on the 1st of December, you had to check the nhow Berlin account to enter the competition, but on the 2nd of December, you had to go to the nhow Rotterdam account. And the 3rd it was nhow Berlin’s turn again. And so on. This makes their followers not only follow both accounts, but also keeps them hanging around.

Hotel Social Media Christmas: Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is a perfect tool because your gifts don’t have to be outrageous. I’d however suggest that you mix it up a little, and give small/big gifts away ‘at random’. So don’t start small and build up, because then some people will just wait to enter your contest until the last day. Be creative. Give away discount coupons, Amazon credit, a towel set, a free massage at your spa, a Lonely Planet to your hotel’s destination, a photo print and so on. Easy but effective.

  • Advent Calendars are perfect foranyhotel, big or small
  • Be creative regarding gifts
  • Let people enter by commenting on your photo
  • Even better: mix it up and let them sometimesjust comment,but also sometimes tag their travel partners (so more people get engaged)
  • Don’t let people just sign up once, make sure they have to come back to stay in the game
  • Think of a way to gather their e-mail address in the process
  • You could do so by creating a special landing page on your website
For example: sign up on the landing page to get daily reminders of the advent calendar

Christmas Event – Sir Adam

With hot chocolate and glühwein ‘on us’, Sir Adam found a fun and authentic way to celebrate the holiday season with their guests. An actual event!

Hotel Social Media Christmas

“There is always a reason to celebrate. So, put on your mittens, button up and grab a Glühwein. Let’s kick off the holiday season by turning on the lights of our Christmas tree together.” 

People were invited to visit the hotel, get together and enjoy a drink. All in a festive setting. Of course this provided the hotel with some good content for their Facebook and Instagram afterwards.

  • Don’t just think ‘online’ with your Christmas communication
  • Create an experience for your guests in your hotel
  • Make them remember your Christmas vibe: the things you organized, your decorations, your gifts

Holly jolly Christmas

So, quite a few ideas for you there! Enough to experiment with. I am excited to see what more is coming in the next few days. I think all hospitality brands should make use of the festive season. It’s the perfect time of the year to remind your guests of YOU. You need to make sure to be on their radar as they are making plans for the new year and in a happy, grateful and giving mood. Go for it!

Your thoughts 

First of all: I wish everybody a very very merry Christmas and a great 2018. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you know about any other cool example regarding the festive season by a hospitality brand regarding, be sure to let me know!

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