The Instagram Cocktail Bar Series #2: The Walker Inn

The Walker Inn - Instagram Cocktail Bar

To read why I’m writing the Instagram Cocktail Bar series, please check out the first post here

This week we are going to look at the second bar in the Instagram Cocktail Bar Series: The Walker Inn. A bar with a concept. Curious? Read on!

Bar 2: The Walker Inn

A hidden bar serving interesting cocktails and… bites. That’s the Walker Inn.


The interesting thing about this hidden bar (you have to enter through a secret door) is the way they combine their cocktails with food. A little bit of an explanation:

“The Walker Inn Tasting Menu — served by reservation at the bar counter, Monday through Sunday, 7pm or 9pm — is an adventurous journey through our most creative cocktail offerings. Blurring the lines between drink and food (small snacks accompany the cocktails), the Tasting Menu has between six and seven courses and costs $70 per guest. Cocktails change frequently depending on the seasons, exciting new ingredients, or the whim of our creative team.

Within the Walker Inn Lounge, guests have a range of exciting drinking options — specialty cocktails and classics done in our (unique) house style, and a smaller tasting menu priced at $40 per person. Aside from the tasting menu seatings at the bar counter, we operate on a first come, first serve policy — please stop by and we’ll seat you as quickly as possible.”

What do they do well?

Besides their interesting concept, there’s the way they handle their social media. A consistent visual style is contained throughout their pictures: they are mysterious like the bar itself. The far majority fits a black-red-orange-yellow with sometimes a hint of blue color palette. It works. It fits the brand.

All photos are high-quality. Together they tell the brand’s story, one of a sacred bar where people meet to experience the best cocktails – accompanied by a bite. Sometimes the drinks are showed off together with the food. However, the drinks play the main role and that is been made clear. They are the protagonists of this bar. And there’s no way you could doubt that.

What could they do better?

There are a few cocktail videos on their Instagram. Most of these are, however, not produced by themselves. And you can see that. The style is different, the music feels off. The colors don’t match the palette.

Posting is also very inconsistent. Sometimes there are only 3 posts a month. This is likely because there content is not created on a regular basis, but all at once, meaning they need to spread out their content over a longer period of time. If they had an in-house content creator, this would be a lot easier. Or if they did it all themselves. A good reason for them to become part of the Tremento Hospitality Content School 😉

Instagram Cocktail Bar - Hospitality Content Creation - The Walker Inn

What can we learn?

  • The consistent visual style of the content by The Walker Inn is absolutely something to look up to
  • The strict color palette works great
  • All pictures have an actual caption, meaning, not just a few hashtags

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