Online Hotel Advertising with Facebook and Instagram

If you own a hotel business and don’t have an eCommerce business presence, you are missing out a lot on your revenue. According to Nasdaq, 95% of total service purchasing (hotel booking) will be occurring through eCommerce alone by 2040. A lot of travelers and business professionals use social media as the main platform to check out hotels to stay when they travel to a specific country or even another city. Thus, online hotel advertising is a must.

Considering this fact, Facebook and Instagram have become one of the most popular business hubs in recent years to promote your business, especially for online hotel advertising.

Online hotel advertising helps hotels increase their business presence through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s check why and how you can use Facebook and Instagram as your online hotel advertising platforms for running targeted ads. 

Online Hotel Advertising: Facebook Ads

Facebook, with over 1.6 billion users, provides an immense opportunity to broadcast your marketing campaign and take it to the next level using the Facebook Ad management tool. 

The question is, “What is Facebook advertising, and why should you use it?”

So, are Facebook Ads worth it?

Well, not only you get to target a multitude of audiences using a single platform for online hotel advertising, but also you can select the audience targeted to your requirement. This will be an extra step that you can take to narrow down and specify your targeted customers, so you invest in the right direction. 

Owning a Hotel with 3-Star Facilities

For instance, if you own a hotel with 3-star facilities, your target will mostly be clients living within the state or the country, as hotels of this kind are more popular among locals looking to stay in the area for a couple of days or a week or two. 

For 5-Star or 7-Star Luxury Hotel Advertising

Suppose luxury hotel advertising is your target as you wish to showcase your 5-star or 7-star hotel to your targeted audience. You need to identify what kind of audience is going to benefit from your hotel services, which you can do with Facebook ads set.

  • From the Facebook Ad Manager, you can adjust the age (supposedly 25 to 65), and different urban areas across the globe. 
  • You can also mark the employment and relationship status according to your business predictions. For example, a high-level business person working in a multinational corporation will be a good target to attract business trips. So you can squeeze down your Ad campaign to a narrower, more fruitful dimension. 
Facebook Ads is great for online hotel advertising to increase your social media presence.

Where And How Will Audience See My Ads? 

The basic principle lying in Facebook Ads primarily depends upon building Micro-Moments for your audience. It means that your targeted customer will be scrolling down through their feed, and will happen to see your hotel ads on their timeline. 

Now here is your chance to give them something attractive enough that makes them stop and check out your hotel or restaurant ad. As they click your ad, they will be taken to your Landing Page, which will increase the chances of your sales, which is a benefit of advertising online. 

How Can I Make My Facebook Ads Attractive? 

Building a strong ad campaign requires you to build tactical, attractive ads that draw customers’ attention as soon as they see the ad. 

Here are some quick tips to get started with Facebook digital marketing for hotels:

1. Create your own Facebook Page.

First of all, you need to have a Facebook Page in addition to your website. Not only to have a complete and more professional business outlook but also because… without it, you can’t run Facebook and Instagram Ads.

2. Build a strong caption and tag phrase that draws attention (catchy and optimized trending phrases).

Our strategy? Spark, Foster, Move! Grab their attention, give some more information, and end with a CTA (call to action).

3. Stick with one CTA as your main focal point for attracting customers not to overcomplicate things.

Your message should be in line with the Call to Action. For example, if your ad leads directly to the booking page with the ‘purchase’ (reservation) option, your CTA can be Book Now.

4. Use easy to understand language that even weak readers can understand.

This makes sure you attract more audiences.

5. Be clear about your message.

Your ad should be explaining (one of) the following:

  1. The facilities you are offering at your hotel.
  2. The benefits of getting a room in your hotel
  3. What do you need to do to book the room?
  4. And of course, the price and/or any special discount.

6. Use animation videos.

Use animation videos that present your business idea, give some useful information to the audience, and pitch your accommodation or deals.

7. Use high-quality, preferably original photos in your ads.

Facebook usually likes visual content such as high-quality, preferably original photos in your ads over written content because it shows that visuals are what users really want to see. In addition, visuals are more easily remembered and they’re more likely to be shared.

Showing a sneak peak of the experience through photos and creating an ad through online hotel advertising.

8. Make your ads more customer-oriented than product-oriented.

This is to ensure maximum engagement most especially that you are in a hospitality industry and customer’s experience is your top most priority.

Sharing the experience through Facebook Ads.

9. Stay regular and updated with your posts and content.

This helps to increase engagement with your (potential) guests and will also increase the likelihood of a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Using these tactics will help you optimize your hotel Facebook Ad campaigns to a fruitful level. If done correctly, you can generate 18 to 25 percent of your revenue through just Facebook. Yes, THAT much!

Online Hotel Advertising: Instagram Ads

Instagram is the best tool to showcase your hotel through interactive images and videos. You can put photos of your swimming pools, cuisines, luxury suites, bathrooms, window views, and much more using Instagram as a business platform. You can use Instagram as your tool to optimize visual ad campaigns for your hotel business. No wonder the use of Instagram in the hospitality sector is on the rise.

How does it work?

You take any post from your profile and pay Instagram to display this on your targeted customer’s feed. 

You can set up a Business Profile on Instagram and manage your ads using Instagram Ads Manager. The rules and procedures for picking out your targeted audience are the same as you do on Facebook. However, doing this through the Instagram app will limit your options A LOT! That’s why it’s highly recommended to create these advertisements via the Facebook Ads Manager.

Here are some essential tips to go through before you start Instagram advertising for hotels:

1. Select The Right Ad Objective

Considering different objectives for creating Instagram hotel ads, you can select objectives from the following:

  1. Brand awareness – Ensures optimal customer engagement and enhances brand awareness.
  2. Reach – To make your ad campaign visible to a large number of buyers
  3. Traffic – To increase website or landing page traffic.
  4. Engagement – For better sharing, liking, and commenting
  5. App Installs – To get the viewers to download your app.

These are some major categories. Others include lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic. Using the online advertising manager, pick out the one that suits your business needs the most and adds value to the investment you paid for. Generally, for hotels, we’d go with traffic, and use these ads to bring traffic to specific pages on your website.

2. Name Your Campaign

Naming your campaign will help you stay organized and ready for the steps you are going to take further down the lane in your ad campaigns. These titles are just for you yourself. We recommend going with something like [date] [objective], for example [August 18, 2020 – Hot Summer Deal].

3. Take Good Care Of Graphics

Instagram is a visual platform, so focus on that. Your ad picture and/or videos should look professional and deliver the right message to your audience. Give them an idea of what a stay with you would look like. Tickle their senses. Spark their interest.

4. Choose Right Targeted Audience

Carefully select the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your hotel’s target audience. The main categories include location, age, gender, pages liked, activities, travel intentions, customer connection with your page or app, and languages. 

5. Set Realistic Ad Budget and Schedule

Choose a budget – daily or lifetime. Daily budgets enable the indefinite running of your ads while the lifetime budgets run for a limited period of time. The latter also comes with schedules you can choose.

6. Select An Ad Format 

Give your ad campaign strategy a second look and see if there are any details left you might want to add. Focus on setting up the right scales. After that, you will be able to publish your ad on the platform.  

As you work on setting these scales, remember not to make your profile too much of an advertising platform for the audience. You need to find a balance between being market-oriented and customer-oriented to deliver your idea productively. We generally advise 80% inspirational and informational content, and 20% sales-oriented content. 

Why You Need Instagram Ads For Online Hotel Advertising?

The answer is simple: they work. More than 120 million Instagram users visited a business site or contacted a business after seeing their ads Instagram.

According to Instagram, more than 200 million of its users visit at least one business profile on a daily basis, while 60 percent say that they find new products on the visual platform. 

Online hotel advertising can also be done through Instagram Ads to showcase your hotel's facilities.

Online Hotel Advertising: Final Words

Facebook and Instagram for hotel advertising are some of the most powerful tools you can use for optimizing your hotel’s revenue. You can attract an audience from every corner of the world and run targeted campaigns for vacations, business trips, and weekend getaways for your potential customers through these platforms. 

However, you must focus on keeping your content fresh and updated through blog posts, stories, videos, pictures, and even live chats. Make sure your marketing is consistent and engage as much with your audience as you can.

These hotel web advertising strategies require patience and consistency, but with understanding the mindset of your targeted audience, your hotel business will see better profitability. 

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