Are you ready to master YOUR social media?

I am going to remember this day the rest of my life 🔥

Have you ever embarked on an adventure, of which you vividly remember how, when and where it started?

Because that’s exactly what’s happening for me right now. Tomorrow, the Tremento Tribe membership program is going live. Although still in its infancy, I know that this is going to be a completely new chapter for me, my business and those of many others.

What is the Tremento Tribe?

The Tremento Tribe Membership is a membership program which empowers hospitality brands to KICK ASS on social media and rock their own online marketing.

This is for (small) hospitality businesses who struggle with 🤯:

  • coming up with new content for your social media
  • getting more likes, followers and engagement
  • using online tools for graphics, scheduling posts, and much more
  • (paid) advertising and promotions, turning ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’

For who is this?

We are focused on solemnly hospitality. Why? Because hospitality doesn’t sell a product: it sells an experience. That requires a different online marketing approach and we get that. Our membership, therefore, is meant for the owners and marketing managers of the following businesses. 

For Restaurants and Cafes

And anything in between, like a coffeeshop, lunchroom or food truck. Whether you join as the owner or take this membership so one of your staff members can improve their skills/content: you are more than welcome to join.

For Holiday Accommodation Providers

For example (small) hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, hostels, a campsite or resort. Basically any brand that provides guests with accommodation and therefore an experience. Size doesn’t matter.

Do you fit into neither? But still want to join? You can, just know that all our content is focused on hospitality brands. The content may also be useful for travel brands, but our focus is on the 2 categories shown above. 

We offer support in English and Dutch 💡

I can’t wait to welcome the first members 😊

Still got questions on your mind? Want to review all information? Then head over to the membership page right here: clic

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