Coffee Shop Website Design Inspiration – 6 examples!

How do people find a new place to get their caffeine fix? That’s right: online. When they land on your coffee shop website, you’ve got to lure them in. Don’t forget: you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. People want to see what you got to offer and what your coffee shop looks like. Your coffee shop website design should match your coffee house’s style. I promise you, a well-designed coffee shop website plays a vital role in getting more visitors.
So, what does a good coffee shop website design look like? What makes a design effective? First of all: photography. You want visitors to reach out to the screen to get that cup of coffee. You need a well-organized gallery to display these pictures. You need a fast loading and responsive website. That means it should also be easy to navigate on a mobile phone (smartphone).
Important is that visitors can browse the menu, book a table, and find your location and opening hours. You also want to integrate links to your social media. Sounds logical, right? But more often than not I see websites that are lacking these options. They either don’t have their menu uploaded, have no photos, or don’t even share their contact details. And you know what? It annoys me. I leave. “Bounce”, as we web designers would say.
Your coffee shop website should hook people in, not make them run for the hills. So make sure you lure them in and do nothing but push them to pay you a visit. Need some inspiration for your coffee shop website? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Because.. we are going to take a look at my favourite coffee shop websites at the moment! Websites that have either a very creative or a well-structured style. Web design that makes it easy to navigate to the different sections and works well on all devices. So, let’s have a look at these examples.
Want to check out the websites themselves? Click the image!

Shown on the left: the clean yet playful web design of coffeehouse De Juf, in Middelburg, the Netherlands, and on the right, the minimalistic and stylish coffee shop website design of Elm Coffee Roasters in Seattle.

Shown above, the website of coffee shop Sunrise Coffee in Las Vegas. A good source of web design inspiration for a clean and minimal style.

Shown on the left: the colorful website of Honeypie, in Middelburg, the Netherlands. By adding colorful titles the whole website becomes instantly playful. On the right, the coffee shop website of Satisfaction Coffee, in The Hague, the Netherlands. The big photo at the top introduces you to the owners in a fun way. Two totally different design inspiration examples.

I particularly love this website design of coffee house ‘t Koffieboontje (Utrecht, the Netherlands). It’s very well-structured, but thanks to the font used for the titles and the gorgeous photos, it’s not boring, at all. I personally also like the illustrations used above the blocks (4th row), which match the style of the logo very well, too.

So what about your website?

Do you already have a website for your coffee shop? Is it up to date, is it responsive (meaning: it also functions perfectly on a smartphone)? Is your website being seen by Google, and does it provide your guests with all the information they might need? Your menu, opening times and so on?

If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to check out our website design service. We design websites for hotels, BnBs and restaurants, and bridge the gap between ‘do it yourself’ and ‘spend a fortune on a designer’.

Just note: we only do website design for hospitality brand owners. So restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, food trucks, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodation providers. Our websites are structured to serve this exact audience. So if you are like a retailer, a gym, a lawyer firm, a therapist… then sorry, this isn’t for you!

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