Restaurant Photography Done Well

How to photograph restaurant food?

Restaurant photography is a world apart. When done well, it can truly set you apart on social media. But… When are you doing it right? Today I’m going to show you some examples I’ve found and collected over the last couple of weeks. Some are quite conventional, others are crazy creative. I’ll tell you a little bit more about why I personally think these styles are good underneath the examples. Happy scrolling!

Example 1: the fries

Example number one shows a simple yet always effective trick: garnishing. Herbs, in this case. Don’t those fries just look like they are screaming ‘eat me, now?!’. Yep, they do.

The newspaper background helps even more: it gives you the feeling you are allowed to get messy. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing we’d rather like to be when it comes to fries.

Hence why this photo is the perfect picture to start this post with. It’s clean, it’s ‘pretty’, the light has been done well, the decorations and garnishing are on point, yet you, as a viewer, feel like you are there.



Example 2: Let’s talk noodles

Pasta, noodles, ramen? The key here is to use fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients don’t only taste better, they also look better.

The way you style and present your food is up to you. Think about what the photo needs to communicate. In case of a restaurant or café this is often: “This dish is overly delicious and you need to want to try it right now“. Right? So, get those fresh ingredients out, roll up your sleeves and give your pasta, noodles or ramen the set they deserve.

Also: chopsticks. They work so well in pictures. They just do.

Example 3: Show Ingredients

Got a dish that has the most delightful flavor but is hard to photograph? Or you’ve shown on your social media already 10 times?

Then think about this: what about just showing the ingredients? Photograph them in the style of the rest of your pictures. So don’t just put them down on the table and take a snap, no. Create a setting that fits the rest of your feed. And then take that snap.


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