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You’ve got it all lined up. A strategy, content ideas and even guidelines regarding your brand’s visual style. Now it’s time to take out your phone and snap some ‘eye-candy’. What you should capture has been decided through the Spark, Foster, Move model. How to capture these things is another chapter. It’s the photo- or videographing itself and the post-production where the magic happens. You don’t need fancy gear to do this. And that’s what this part is about.

Snapseed is a free app available for both iPhone and Android. This photo-editing software gives you a wide array of options to enhance pictures. Although the app works very intuitively, it’s also a little complex. This because of the tremendous amount of editing options you’ll find inside. The good news is: you don’t even need half of them. With only a few adjustments this app will help you take your photos to the next level.

I’ve found that describing the editing process with Snapseed is difficult. It’s a lot easier to show how to edit a photo. Hence I created a series of videos where you can see how I edit a few hospitality related pictures. There’s me editing food, drinks, interior and exterior photos. You can watch them underneath.

Interior Picture

[cq_vc_videocover videoimage=”18239″ videolink=”https://youtu.be/bh4MBncJN2o”]

Food Picture

Drinks Picture

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