Weekly Social Media Tips for Hospitality Brands – #2

Social media tips for hospitality brands - Restaurants, cafés, hotels, hostels

Week 2 in our weekly social media tips series! This week we talk about being informative, complete profiles and photography. All three of them being equally important. With the increase of visual content on the internet, photography is something that should definitely have priority on your list. These tips are also posted on @trementohospitality, so if you’re up on Instagram, make sure to give us a follow.

So, here are the first 3 tips. Feel free to save them on your pc or phone, and please, do share them! Ready to get social? Then let’s get started.

Social Media Tips Tremento for Hospitality - 4
Social Media Tips Tremento for Hospitality - 5

Enjoyed these tips?

Then stay tuned for future social media tips. All of these tips are meant specifically for hospitality brands – some of them, of course, are valid for any kind of brand, but all of them are written with you guys (hotels, restaurants, cafés, hostels, etc.) in mind. We will always try to provide you with good examples and ideas. Need some more advice? Then get in touch! Hit the contact button in the menu or leave a comment below.

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