How to use a color palette for your hospitality brand

Now that you’ve got your color palette, the real question is of course how to put it into practice. Don’t worry, having a color palette doesn’t mean your photos can’t include any other colors than in the palette. It just means you want the majority of the colors to match the palette.

Assure consistence 

To assure this, we are going to edit this template on At the bottom, put your brand’s color palette. So change the colors that are there to your own colors. Now, every time you want to upload or use a picture, upload it to quickly, put it into this template (on the spot where the picture is at) and check if there are at least 3 matching colors. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but at least a little.

After a while, you will develop a feel for the palette and you will probably know if a photo, video or graphic matches the palette or not. Still I’d always recommend to test at least one photo out of a batch. It’s such a little effort.

Work with influencers

Whenever you plan to work with a photographer or an influencer, make sure they know about your color palette. Send it to them with an example. You could export the template above as a PNG, or do this with multiple photos, and show it to them. Explain that it’s important that the photographer and/or influencer works with your palette. This way you can repost their visuals without having to edit them.

[cq_vc_videocover videoimage=”18809″ videolink=””]
[cq_vc_videocover videoimage=”18810″ videolink=””]

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