Welcome Book Template!

Hey there!

So you own a guest house, BnB or hotel? Then you might be looking for a welcome book template. Something that looks nice, is easy to edit and that, with a few clicks, is 100% ‘on-brand’.

That’s where this template comes in. Just fill in your name and e-mail address, and we will send you the two templates immediately. Wondering how to edit the template? Then just watch the video down below.

What about the texts for the Welcome Book Template?

Easy peasy lemon freezy! The Welcome Book Template gives you automatically pretty clear guidelines on what to write. Just open it and have a look yourself. It works with canva.com, which is a free, online tool to create visual assets. Making something ‘nice and pretty’ with Canva from scratch isn’t the easiest thing, but we’ve become pretty much experts!

Would you like US to style your welcome book to your brand? Then we can surely do that. Just get in touch with us.

What else do you offer?

At Tremento, we take care of graphic design, web design and social media content for hospitality brands. Feel free to check out any of our services. We are incredibly affordable and we only work with hospitality and F&B brands!

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