4 tips to increase online word-of-mouth advertising for restaurants

Some restaurants have mastered the game of digital marketing. They’ve found a way to motivate their customers to not only take beautiful pictures of their food, but also to share them on all social media available. Their following grows on the daily. And there you are, breaking your head on how to achieve the same.

5 Crucial Restaurant Website Mistakes

5 restaurant webdesign mistakes you don't want to make

Too often I stumble upon a restaurant website that isn’t up to the right standard. It’s not mobile friendly, information is not available, links are not working, the design is outdated. And it’s not just the ‘mom and pop’ places where I see this happening.

How to create buyer personas for your restaurant?

Create a buyer persona for your restaurant, café or bar with this guide

Buyer personas. You may have heard of them. They are incredibly valuable and can benefit your restaurant, café, bar or likewise business enormously. But how do you create one? And what information should a buyer persona tell you?

5 hospitality social media trends for 2018

As the new year has just started I decided to share my thoughts on the trends we’ll see in hospitality social media in 2018. This list is based upon the many articles I’ve read online, videos I’ve seen and so on.

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