Room Tour Videos – Social Media for Hotels #6

Room tour videos for your hotel's or hospitality brand's social media

Use room tour videos on social media to increase your audience and win new guests. However: there are a few golden rules! Your personality should shine through in the video, you need to manage the style and message you’re going to distribute. Even when working with an influencer. In this post, I show you some examples and give a few valuable tips for when you are going to create your own room tour videos.

Find your hospitality brand’s purpose with these 3 questions

A good content marketing strategy starts with knowing yourself. Your brand. Why you do what you do. By establishing a strong core, your chances of building an effective strategy increase exponentially. In this post I share some examples and questions with you to discover your brand’s purpose.

The 5 things influencing Millennials travel decisions

How do Millennials make travel decisions? Important aspects are authenticity, instagram, search engines and reviews.

With their desire to spend money on travel, Millennials are a very interesting target audience for hospitality brands. But how do you get these travel-savvy youngsters through your front door? In this post I’ll tell you about 5 things that have influence on a Millennial’s travel decisions. 

Content Consumption Trends and Millennials – Part 2

What are the 2018 trends in Millennial content consumption and how do they relate to travel?
The hospitality world is an industry continuously affected by innovation and technology. It’d be stupid for a hotel, hostel or any other hospitality related brand to ignore trends within content marketing and social media.

12 Destination Marketing Examples To Inspire you

12 destination marketing examples to inspire you. Case studies that will help you brand your place, hotel, hostel or well, any hospitality brand really!

There are lots of interesting case studies available regarding destination marketing. Most destination marketing campaigns are done by cities, provinces and countries. It’s almost never a ho(s)tel or restaurant that takes on the challenge to host a destination marketing program or campaign. But… why not? 

What is Destination Marketing and how do you use it?

Destination Marketing, Location marketing, and how to use it

Destination marketing is a type of marketing that promotes a destination (town, city, region, country) with a purpose to increase the number of visitors. With destination marketing, you try to move the customer. This is a big difference and requires another approach than product marketing.

4 tips to increase online word-of-mouth advertising for restaurants

Some restaurants have mastered the game of digital marketing. They’ve found a way to motivate their customers to not only take beautiful pictures of their food, but also to share them on all social media available. Their following grows on the daily. And there you are, breaking your head on how to achieve the same.

5 Crucial Restaurant Website Mistakes

5 restaurant webdesign mistakes you don't want to make

Too often I stumble upon a restaurant website that isn’t up to the right standard. It’s not mobile friendly, information is not available, links are not working, the design is outdated. And it’s not just the ‘mom and pop’ places where I see this happening.