4 AirBnBs that mastered their Instagram

AirBnB Instagram Marketing: let’s talk about it! If you run a restaurant, hotel, or an AirBnB, we recommend you to use Instagram for your business. Launched in 2010, Instagram is now the #1 photo and video-sharing social media platform. Hence the importance of AirBnB Instagram Marketing. The primary focus of this application was to share […]

How to get more bookings for your B&B or Hotel?

With OTAs taking up a big chunk of your personal revenue, any hotel, B&B or other accommodation providers will always prefer direct bookings. But how do you get more direct bookings without breaking the bank or missing out on tons of guests? Let’s take a look.

Week 2 of the Tremento Tribe Challenge

Week 2 of the Tremento Tribe Challenge

We’re so excited to show you how Week 2 of our Tremento Tribe Challenge 2020 looked like! Take a look, get inspired and if you haven’t done that yet, join us on our #TTC2020 journey!

How to Attract Domestic Travelers to Your B&B?

How to attract domestic travelers to your bed and breakfast

This year we can expect much more domestic travelers than ever before, and as a B&B, Guest House, or an Inn owner, you should learn how to plan your strategies and which steps to take in order to make your guests and visitors happy.

Week 1 of the Tremento Tribe Challenge

Tremento Tribe Challenge

Wauw! Wauw, wauw, wauw! Is there any other way I could begin this blog post? I’ve had the most crazy week. On Monday the 1st our Tremento Tribe Challenge 2020 started. Hospitality Instagram Marketing has been taken to the next level and it has been incredibly exciting to see the submissions come in. We’ve had […]