10 Photography Tips for Hospitality Brands

10 Photography Tips for Hospitality Brands

Photography is extremely important in the current online hospitality atmosphere. But there’s quite a lot of knowledge and information when it comes to taking good photographs/ So, in this article I’ll share 3 of the 10 tips I put together in a small, easy PDF.

Menu Design: inspiration and creative ideas

Every restaurant, café and bar has one, and many hotels, hostels and bed&breakfasts do too: a menu. Way too often the menu is boring, bland and not really selling anything. BIG MISTAKE! Your menu is a great tool to sell the items you want to sell the most. And the way to do this is through design.

Edit photos with Snapseed - restaurant, hotel, café photography


You’ve got it all lined up. A strategy, content ideas and even guidelines regarding your brand’s visual style. Now it’s time to take out your phone, take some photos and use Snapseed to turn those pics into real eye-candy!

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