68 x Thanksgiving Instagram Captions – Fun and Inspiring Ideas for 2020

Thanksgiving Instagram Captions

Are you looking for some Thanksgiving Instagram Captions? Here is a list with 68 different Thanksgiving Instagram Captions and Quotes for you to use. Some straight from the interwebs, others straight from my Thanksgiving filled mind. Do you have any Thanksgiving Instagram Captions that should be added? Hit me up on the gram and send […]

8 Great Bed and Breakfast Tips to make the most out of 2020

Bed and Breakfast Tips Corona

In this blog post you will find 8 bed and Breakfast Tips to make the most out of the last 2 months of 2020. I asked a number of bed and breakfast hosts around the world to share their thoughts with me and these are their answers. There’s a variety of thoughts and ideas in […]

100 Creative Hotel Names – Tremento Hotel Name Generator

Hotel Names - 100 Ideas

Are you looking for the best, most creative hotel names? In this post I have compiled a list of over 100 creative hotel names. They also work great as AirBnB names, cabin names or resort names. But before we dive into the list… What makes a good hotel name idea? A good hotel name idea […]

Halloween Instagram Story Template – The perfect bundle!

Halloween Instagram Story Template

Looking for a Halloween Instagram Story Template to use for the scariest night of the year? Well, we’ve got the perfect Halloween Instagram Story Template package for your restaurant, hotel, BnB or café. Are you a travel or food blogger? This template will work for you as well. Halloween is celebrated every year on October […]

7 Creative Restaurant Logos

7 creative restaurant logos

In this article we will talk about creative restaurant logos and why are they important for your business. When opening up a new restaurant, having your guests instantly recognize your brand and associate it with your food is absolutely essential. Imagine yourself walking down a busy street, looking for a place to have lunch at. […]

4 AirBnBs that mastered their Instagram

AirBnB Instagram Marketing: let’s talk about it! If you run a restaurant, hotel, or an AirBnB, we recommend you to use Instagram for your business. Launched in 2010, Instagram is now the #1 photo and video-sharing social media platform. Hence the importance of AirBnB Instagram Marketing. The primary focus of this application was to share […]

The Ultimate Guide for a Restaurant, BnB or Hotel Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Do you have a restaurant marketing plan? A clearly outlined plan for promoting your BnB? Or are you looking for hotel marketing strategy? If you are thinking ‘yes’ to any of these, or if you own a likewise brand and are looking for ways to improve the promotional side of your business, then read on. […]

The ultimate guide to being a great AirBnB host

top 10 tips for new airbnb hosts

Looking for some Airbnb host tips & tricks? Then read on! Ever since AirBnB was founded in 2008, many people took the opportunity and started offering their homes as a short rental solution for travelers visiting their city. The service has become so popular that it’s now reached more than 191 countries with up to […]

6 AirBnB website design ideas

AirBnB Website Design Tremento

AirBnB website design… Sounds fun, but do you even need a website as an AirBnB host? The answer is yes. If you own a short-term rental or an AirBnB, then you need a website. Having your own website is a must for any short-term rental or AirBnB host that wants to thrive. Having your own […]

Online Hotel Advertising with Facebook and Instagram

If you own a hotel business and don’t have an eCommerce business presence, you are missing out a lot on your revenue. According to Nasdaq, 95% of total service purchasing (hotel booking) will be occurring through eCommerce alone by 2040. A lot of travelers and business professionals use social media as the main platform to […]

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